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Deep Sea Fishing in Fort Lauderdale is a good way to catch a variety of all fishing species


Inshore fishing in Fort Lauderdale is the most popular of all fishing trips for snook, tarpon..


Freshwater fishing in Fort Lauderdale for largemouth bass, peacock bass and…


Explore Ft Lauderdale from a stable Pontoon boat, Everglades, Intercoastal..


Celebrate on the beautiful waters of Fort Lauderdale, FL with friends or family..

Ft Lauderdale Fishing & Tours in FL

A place known for the beautiful beaches it has, the cultural legacy, happening events, Las Olas shopping , and whatnot. Lauderdale Fishing in particular has become a preferred place of pursuing passion and watersports to the tourists.

Fort Lauderdale Fishing is the new talk of the town in South Florida these days. The variety it offers, the courtesy in dealing with customers, the professionalism, and the way they serve, make them the most suited holiday destination for the fun-loving folks!!

Visit the Lauderdale Fishing team to know what and how they can serve the purpose to ensure fun-filled memoirs!!

A World of Options in Ft Lauderdale

Options are endless with  Lauderdale Fishing. We make sure to make anything and everything accessible to your fun world, be it saltwater or freshwater fishing points. This is the benchmark of Fort Lauderdale Fishing to serve you, from the heart.

Ample of lakes, canal systems, deep waters, and the proximity to the Gulf Stream wish to wave you a big Hiiii….., Fort Lauderdale make it happen for your trip!!

This destination and the hosts,  Lauderdale Fishing are the best options for the first-timers as well as seasoned anglers across all seasons!!

More Details

An adventurous trip ensures thrill. What makes it even better is the availability of the options. Fort Lauderdale Fishing makes sure that your trip is more profound and adventurous. That is the reason, Fort Lauderdale offers ample options. Among the options, Everglades Sightseeing Tours proves to be an experience of a lifetime. You can enjoy the alligators and birds, rich history and culture of the town. Whereas, Intercoastal waterway tours explore you to the wealth and rich history of the same. The Sandbar Tours also makes it through to the must-visit list.

The vicinity of Fort Lauderdale and South Florida to the Gulf Stream of the Ocean is an incredible advantage. In a matter of a few minutes of boarding the charter, you enjoy the fishing grounds of the deep sea. Fort Lauderdale ensures you have a fun-filled fishing experience in the Atlantic Ocean across Florida State. Enjoy the reeling in catches from Swordfish, Wahoo, Kingfish, Tuna, Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi), and Sailfish with Fort Lauderdale Fishing. Fort Lauderdale Fishing supplies ample catches of Grouper, Amberjack, Sharks with Snapper and the list goes on…

Experience the Freshwater like Never Before

Do you wanna experience the outdoors?
Fort Lauderdale Freshwater Fishing is the pioneer in it. For Peacock bass and largemouth bass, you can be fishing the lush stretches of the canals of Florida Everglades. The Markham Park for gorgeous snakehead and clown knife fish in the Lake Ida Chain of Lakes, are near Fort Lauderdale.
If you wish to land up getting a largemouth bass, the Legacy of Lake Okeechobee in Bella Glade invites you too. It’s an hour ride to Fort Lauderdale.

Feeling Seasickness??
No issues, we have Fort Lauderdale Inshore Fishing and freshwater fishing as two of the best options for you. Fort Lauderdale is the home to stupendous saltwater canal systems. These canal systems are home to numerous inshore species. We can get you the best of Tarpon with Snappers, Groupers, Snook, and Crevalle Jack at these locations. In case you strive to enjoy a hassle-free day, try inshore fishing at Fort Lauderdale Fishing.

Do you wanna earn a memoir of life to enrich? Enjoy Fort Lauderdale Boat Tour or Fishing Charter. We are sure that you’ll keep asking for more.
We make this your memoirs of a lifetime. If you wish to explore and enjoy like never before, Fort Lauderdale is what you are looking for. This is the conviction with which our team of local experts and professionals sail you through your trip.
If you wish to have splendid vacation at Florida, Fort Lauderdale Fishing is the best you can have.

 Types of Adventures Available?

The boat charter at the Fort Lauderdale Fishing ensures you multiple options to dive in, depending upon the adventure needs you possess. Among all the options, Inshore Fishing charters are the most preferred option for the majority of visitors.

Some of the Private Fishing Charters offer you the best options to look upon. A fishing charter is something you too can share, where you can join other groups as well.

Drift Fishing Charters are turned out to be the most cost-effective option for tourists that serve thrice daily with a size of 60 people.

Options less Salty and more Scenic

You get a full swing of various options in Freshwater Fishing Charter at Fort Lauderdale Fishing. For an instance, Ft Lauderdale Everglades bass fishing charters are renowned for their stupendous largemouth bass action. 

Along with this, you may come across distinct exotic species like Peacock bass, Clown Knife Fish, and Asian Snakehead are famous trips in Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale Fishing offers you dozens of tours. You come out of home and Fort Lauderdale Fishing will make it a memory to cherish ever after –Guaranteed!!

Eco-Friendly Options

Options are endless, but we do care about the Ecology as well. It is important to consider it while drafting and designing any service.
Our options are eco-friendly because we consider them as Family!!

We offer Everglades sightseeing tours to explore the vast n wide ecosystem of Florida Everglades.

Sail the Cruise that interconnects the urban canal systems of Fort Lauderdale.

A Fun Fact: This location is renowned as the “Venice of America” and has all the great reasons to believe it.

While considering Intercoastal Sightseeing Tours, the adventure on the water is on the must-have list of tourists because, water dominates here, sailing you on the boats of shivering thrills.

A Sandbar Tour and Sunset Cruises are yet the best pals you have on this fun trip. These two explore you all Fort Lauderdale.

Bring your friends, family, and your near and dear ones to jump in while soaking up the sun. Taste some wine, cheese, and bar hop while enjoying the gorgeous sunset over the city of Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charter Seasons


Warm waters are the best thing to fish inshore. Eye trophy catch-n-release Snook, June is the best time. Offshore waters have loads of Tuna, Kingfish, and Mahi in June. Peacock bass too is highly active with largemouth in June.


Enjoy the fast trolling and loads of action-packed dive to have fun with Tuna and Wahoo. Live bait for Sailfish is also great fun. Bass fishing is at the peak in fab and trophy largemouth bass is beginning to spawn.


This is gonna be Wow time for some offshore action guys. Trolling species including Tuna, Wahoo, Kingfish with Mahi are fired up at this time of the year. Largemouth Bass gets in full Spawn mode too. Snapper and Amberjack kinda bottom fish are caught up in great numbers.


April is the time when freshwater bass fishing for the largemouth and peacock bass comes alive. Mahi-Mahi moves closer to the chasing bait. Inshore fishing for Snook and Tarpon also comes alive!!


May is the preferred time to troll and catch Tuna and Mahi-Mahi. This time of the year, they come close to the shore. Peacock bass begins to spawn in the freshwater lakes. Deep-sea wrecks are reefs start teaming up. 


Warm waters are the best thing to fish inshore. Eye trophy catch-n-release Snook, June is the best time. Offshore waters have loads of Tuna, Kingfish, and Mahi in June. Peacock bass too is highly active with largemouth in June. 



You can catch a Giant Mahi offshore in July. Peacock bass is also in full freed mode. July proves to be the best time for bottom fishing. In the post meridian times, get in the waters and get some great fishing experience.



Sea is calm and the air is hot in August. Get in the waters in the early morning and late-night to have the best experience. Dive deep in the ocean to find Snapper and Grouper. The bass fishing gets down in August. 



Perfect time for huge Snook, Jacks, Tarpon and so much around the beaches and inshore waters. You find more active Peacock bass as their second spawn is about to begin. 



Offshore fishing gets rough in October but can make you enjoy some great memories of Sailfish bites, Mahi-Mahi and Wahoo. This month is considered as the transition time with the best fishing experience on Lake Okeechobee as well as Peacock Bass.



Sailfish chase Mullet so “Sailfish Alley” begins to team with life. Water continues to fall so Everglades fishing is strong at this time. Snapper and Grouper bite strong on the bottom around the reefs and wrecks. 



Ft Lauderdale experiences great fishing with the beginning of the ‘winter’. Go offshore to catch Wahoo, Tuna, Amberjack and Cobia. This is the best time to go for freshwater fishing for largemouth bass which is getting to spawn.

Are you looking to catch a Sailfish, Swordfish, or Wahoo? If so, the colder months of the year bring about excellent deep sea and offshore fishing right here in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Sometime the rougher the conditions, the better the fishing 

As the early months of the year continue, fast trolling and a lot of action is on your menu. Enjoy Deep Sea Catches from Wahoo and Tuna. Live bait for Sailfish is also productive. Trophy Largemouth Bass are beginning to spawn and the bass fishing is prime!

As the waters warm up for spring, the offshore action gets even better. Bottom fish including Amberjack and Snapper are caught in numbers and trolling species including Kingfish, Mahi, Wahoo, Tuna are fired up. Largemouth Bass are in full Spawn mode!

April is really when things start to warm up. Freshwater bass fishing for largemouth and peacock bass come alive. Mahi-Mahi are moving closer to shore chasing bait. Inshore fishing for Snook and Tarpon is coming alive as well! 

If you love to troll and catch Mahi-Mahi and Tuna, this is a great month to do it. You won’t have to burn a lot of fuel as they are close to shore. Peacock bass begin to spawn in the freshwater lake systems. Deep Sea wrecks are reefs begin to team!

Inshore fishing is at its prime when the waters warm. If you are looking for a trophy catch-and-release Snook, this is your time. Mahi, Tuna, and Kingfish are also active in the offshore waters. Peacock bass are incredibly active and largemouth too!

July is a great month for bottom fishing for Snapper and Grouper as both seasons are wide open. Get out later in the day and crush some fish especially when it comes to freshwater. Peacock bass are in full feed mode. Catch a giant Mahi offshore! 

Calm Seas and Hot Air make for the best fishing early in the morning and late at night. Deep drop the oceans depths in order to find grouper, snapper, and much more. Bass fishing slows down but picks up strong in the upcoming months!

The Fall Mullet run attracts migratory fish close to shore. This is the time of year for huge Snook, Tarpon, Jacks and so much more around the beaches and inshore waters. Peacock Bass get more active as their second spawn is about to begin! 

October is a transition month with the best fishing on Lake Okeechobee and for Peacock Bass. Offshore fishing conditions get rough but that can cause for some great Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi, and Sailfish bites. 

“Sailfish Alley” begins to team with life as Sailfish chase Mullet. Snapper and Grouper bite strong on the bottom around the reefs and wrecks. Everglades fishing is strong as the water continues to drop

Bottom fishing is great at this time of year, with Snappers and Groupers moving to closer reefs and wrecks. Inshore, you will find large quantities of Sheepshead making for some fun fishing and great eating over the holiday period. 

Fort Lauderdale Tours & Charters

Inshore Fishing Charters

Ft Lauderdale Inshore fishing, the most popular of all fishing trips.


Freshwater Fishing Charters

Freshwater fishing in Fort Lauderdale for largemouth and peacock bass 


Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Deep Sea fishing in Ft Lauderdale for Mahi, Sailfish, Wahoo…

starting@ $45pp

Eco & Sightseeing Tours

Deep Sea fishing in Ft Lauderdale for Mahi, Sailfish, Wahoo…

starting@ $75pp


Don't book a charter anywhere but here!

If anyone is looking for a charter these guys are the way to go. Setting up the trip was completely painless and very exciting! These guys knew exactly what they were doing and had us on fish all day. Definitely looking forward to the day we can join them again and do it all over.
- Caleb Bell

Everglades w Rick Mitchell

Great trip! Caught lots of bass in windy cold front.conditions. Great company w great equipment. Will repeat in future
- Climber525868

Bass Fishing Trip of a lifetime!

For the past 10 years, we travel to Fort Lauderdale annually just to fish with Captain Brett. Every time we go out, the trip just seems to get better and better. We fished for 3 days and every day, we caught bass until we ran out of bait! Captain Brett will definitely put you on fish! Captain John's equipment is up to date and well maintained, I highly recommend!
- fredb582018

Great time!

Had a great time with Capt. . Mark Rose. we caught a lot of bass in 4 hrs.! well worth the money and was very easy to set up. Very recommended if you are visiting South Florida.
- Mike k

Excellent day

Ft Lauderdale has to be one of my favorite places to travel to in the United States. Coming from Europe, I always wanted to experience the everglades. Capt Joe was amazing and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend getting out on the water with him on your visit!
- YvesFortin

Catching some hogs!

Did a guided largemouth and peacock bass fishing tour in the Everglades. Caught over 50 2lb+ bass in a couple hours. Our guide Captain Nick Pasquarello put us right on top of them. Highly recommend!!
- PhilipSchrieber

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